FUEL for Generators

Duplex Pumps, Day Tanks, Filter Polishers, Fill Stations, and Controls. Integrated Reliable Fuel Systems for Data Centers, Hospitals, Infrastructure, and Buildings.

DEF for Generators

DEF Tanks, Pumps, Filters, Fill Stations, Sensors and Controls.  Integrated Systems for Generator SCR Reliability because if DEF Fails then Power Fails.


Simple Reliable, Network Ready Controls for Fuel and DEF systems in critical envoronments.  Upgrade End-of-Life PLCs under Critical Service Conditions. 

GenApp Diesel Quality

NFPA Life Safety Code and JCAHO / CMS Compliance for generator diesel fuel storage. Systems to Monitor | Clean | Maintain generator fuel tanks


Monitor generator tanks with our sample and test systems. Learn More

Ultra-lite fuel polishing systems for generator fuel tanks.  Learn More

Maintain generator tanks with ready-dose additives. Learn More