FUEL for Generators

Duplex Pumps, Day Tanks, Filter Polishers, Fill Stations, and Controls. Integrated Reliable Fuel Systems for Data Centers, Hospitals, Infrastructure, and Buildings.

DEF for Generators

DEF Tanks, Pumps, Filters, Fill Stations, Sensors and Controls.  Integrated Systems for Generator SCR Reliability because if DEF Fails then Power Fails.

OIL for Generators

Auto-Lubrication and Waste Oil Systems for Continuous Run Generators in Prime Power and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Applications

Control Systems

Simple Reliable, Network Ready Controls for Fuel and DEF systems in critical envoronments.  Upgrade End-of-Life PLCs under Critical Service Conditions. 


Upgrade End-of-Life (EOL) PLC Controllers in Active Data Center  Learn More.

Full Support for Legacy and Specialty Controllers. Learn More

Site monitoring of generator fuel systems for compliance and readiness.  Cloud interface devices with secure database and see - anywhere user interface.  Managed onsite response services.

GC-3 Fuel and DEF Monitor for Generators

Mobile Products for Gensets and Fleets

Generator Fluid Service Trailers. Extended Run Fuel and DEF Tanks.  Delivery Fleet Fuel and EV Charge Systems.


Generator Fuel Cleaning and Treatment

T10 Multi-Flow Genset Fuel Polisher Trailer


Generator Fluid Change Systems

T20 Genset Lube OIl Change System Trailer

T30 Genset Coolant Flush / Change System Trailer

T40 Genset DEF Change System Trailer


Generator Fuel Tank Top-Off Systems

T50 Genset Fuel / DEF Top-Off Service Trailers

On-Site Storage / Transfer Systems for Extended Run

T70 Extended Run Diesel Fuel Tank System

T71 Extended Run Diesel / DEF Tank System

T80 Extended Run Lube Oil Auto-Change

Onsite Fuel Dispensing for Delivery Vehicles

T91 On-Site Diesel Fuel Dispensing Trailer 

T92 On-Site Diesel / DEF Dispensing Trailer

T93 On-Site Unleaded Gas Dispensing Trailer

Generator Powered Fleet EV Charge Stations:

T101 Onsite Mobile EV Charge Station Level 2

T102 Onsite Mobile EV Charge Station HPC