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FUEL for Generators

Duplex Pumps, Day Tanks, Filter Polishers, Fill Stations, and Controls. Integrated Reliable Fuel Systems for Data Centers, Hospitals, Infrastructure, and Buildings.

DEF for Generators

DEF Tanks, Pumps, Filters, Fill Stations, Sensors and Controls.  Integrated Systems for Generator SCR Reliability because if DEF Fails then Power Fails.

OIL for Generators

Auto-Lubrication and Waste Oil Systems for Continuous Run Generators in Prime Power and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Applications

Control Systems

Simple Reliable, Network Ready Controls for Fuel and DEF systems in critical envoronments.  Upgrade End-of-Life PLCs under Critical Service Conditions. 

GenApp Monitoring

Site monitoring of generator fuel systems for compliance and readiness.  Cloud interface devices with secure database and see - anywhere user interface.  Managed onsite response services.


G110 GenApp Generator Readiness Monitor

G120 GenApp Fuel Tank Monitor (Veeder Root)

G130 GenApp Integrated Fuel System Monitor

G140 GenApp Sensors for Remote Generator Monitoring

G210 GenApp Mobile Technician

G220 GenApp Single Site Manager

G230 Genapp Multi-Site Manager

G240 GenApp Super Site Manager

G410 Life Safety NFPA 110 Genset Fuel Compliance

G420 Healthcare CMS Genset Fuel Compliance

G430 Underground Fuel Tank Permit Compliance

G440 Aboveground Fuel Tank SPCC Compliance 

G310 Alarm Response and Technical Service

G320 Annual System Performance Testing and Maintenance

G330 Underground Tank Compliance Documents and Audits

G340 Fuel Quality Test and Clean Services

Urban-Camp Homes

Our Expertise in Critical System Design Applied to Improve the Lives of the Homeless.  Urban-Camp systems are off-grid modular living spaces with on-board utilities for the urban homeless.