Earthsafe UM6P Cubic HDPE Tank for DEF

UM5-DTP DEF Day Tanks - HDPE

Generator SCR Emissions Control

UM5-DT DEF Urea Day Tanks provide safe storage of DEF Urea for generator SCR emission controls.  The cubic design saves space in crowded generator rooms or enclosures.  The UM5 is available as single wall, double wall, or double wall insulated in stainless steel or HDPE plastic.  The UM5 can be customized for the application with instrumentation, heaters, and pumps. Controls interface with generator systems with High, Low, Leak contacts or optional Modbus / BACnet connectivity. 

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Data Sheet: UM5-DTP Data Sheet

Dimension Drawing: UM5-DT Dimension Drawing

Instruction Manual: UM5-DT Instruction Manual



  • Construction: Single Wall, Double Wall, DW Insulated
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304 
  • Capacity: 25-100 GAL (100 - 400L)
  • Power 120-230 VAC, 1 Phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Controller: UL 508, PLC Basis with HMI
  • Interface: Output Relays for High, Low, Leak and Modbus (Optional BACnet)


  • Inlet Solenoid Valves with Strainer and Ball Valve
  • 4 or 5 Point Level Sensor and Leak Sensor
  • Optional Level and Temperature Transmitters
  • Standard Vents
  • Direct Read Level Gauge
  • Inspection Port and Cap
  • DEF Supply and Return Connections

DEF Urea Systems Built for Generators: 

The UM5 DEF Urea Day Tanks is specifically designed for generator SCR systems.  The cubic design is space saving within enclosures or generator rooms.  Available in Stanless Steel 304 or cost saving and lightweight HDPE plastic.   

Integrated Building Management Systems: 

Earthsafe advanced controllers allow for the communication of vital tank operating information to other building systems. These systems may include Building Automation Systems, generator controls, switchgear and other power controls, security and fire alarm systems.

Readily Adaptable for Special Operation: 

Earthsafe day tanks can be readily adapted for special operation characteristics such as: dual inlet valves, monitored valve positions, high level / overflow pumping, emergency evacuation, auto-commissioning, fluid metering, high temperature control.