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DEF for Generators Top 10 Questions

What is DEF? Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a mixture of Urea in Deionized water in a 32.5 % concentration. It is used as a consumable fluid in diesel engine emissions control using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). How Much DEF do I Need? A good rule of thumb for generators is that DEF consumption will be about 10% of diesel consumption.
Earthsafe Controls

End-of-Life PLC Upgrades for Allen Bradley and Siemens

End of Life for Micrologix 1000/1500:

There are several million Micrologix 1000 PLCs in service around the world, including thousands in critical service in data center equipment. Hundreds of Dot‐Com Era (1998 – 2002) data centers are still in service throughout the US and world.

Many of these facilities are very valuable because they occupy locations close to large cities and fiber optic infrastructure.  Earthsafe built fuel systems for many of these facilities, and our systems have operated reliably over that time with very little maintenance.

Diesel Cleanliness

Clean Diesel Rules for Generators: NFPA 110 Drilldown

Clean Fuel for Generators: Drilldown of NFPA 110 Rules

For those of you who just don’t like to read, or have only a moderate tolerance for reading codes and regulations, we have the done the dirty work for you. 

NFPA 110 “Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems” is the standard for people who own and operate buildings with emergency generators.  It’s the starting point of what a building owner should consider as good practice, and may go further toward a legal requirement since it is referenced in building codes.