GenApp 1

GenApp GC3 Fuel and DEF Monitor System

Smart sensors enable direct to monitor connection for simplified cabling

  • Fuel Level and Quality
  • DEF Level and Quality
  • Level and Temperature Control Systems
  • Ready for Gen System Integration or Cloud Monitoring

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GC-3 Monitor

Multi-Function Diesel and DEF Monitor for

Reliable Generator Start and Run:

Diesel Fuel Monitoring

  • Level Gauging and Leak Detection
  • Fill Control and Overfill Protection
  • Refill from Remote Bulk Fuel Tank
  • Filtration Polishing Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Filter Monitoring
  • Quality Monitoring: Particulate / Water
  • Consumption Measurement

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Monitoring

  • Quality Monitoring: % Concentration
  • Level Gauging and Leak Detection

Direct to Smart Sensor Monitoring

The GC-3 is designed for direct to smart sensor monitoring.  The monitor is a compact weatherproof PLC / HMI that connects to a GC-1 smart sensor termination module. The built-in intelligence of the sensors allows for simple integration.

Smart Sensors for Monitoring

  • GS-101 Level XMTR Submersible
  • GS-111 Level Hi-Stop Sensor
  • GS-121 Pressure Transmitter
  • GS-131 Temperature Transmitter
  • GS-141 Flow Switch
  • GS-142 Flow Transmitter
  • GS-151 Fuel Consumption Meter Pair
  • GS-161 Fuel Particulate Analyzer
  • GS-165 Fuel Water Content Analyzer
  • GS-171 DEF Quality Sensor