Fuel System Solutions for Critical Facilities

Fuel System Solutions for Data Centers, Hospitals, Financial and Technical Buildings, Critical Infrastructure has completed over 1000 complex mission critical fuel systems over the last 20 years throughout the US and Internationally. We work with the leading US Project Teams for technical facilities including the leading consulting engineers, general contractors, mechanical contractors, control contractors and petroleum specialists.

Data Centers / Mission Critical

Data centers require highly reliable and complex fuel systems to assure uninterrupted power supply to computing functions. Earthsafe controls with dual power supplies and dual PLCs control large volume fuel storage systems and delivery to multiple generator locations.

Financial / Trading

Large corporate and financial facilites typically include significant computing operations which increase their power loads and requirements for uninterrupted service.

Healthcare / Bio Research

Hospitals fuel systems include significant emergency generator service for uninterrupted operation, and dual feed boilers are also typically required. Earthsafe controllers and transfer systems meet the differing needs of these systems. 


Infrastructure facilities have a critical impact on public safety and must continue to operate in the most challenging circumstances. These operations include Telecommunications, Power Networks, Water and Wastewater, Public Safety, Emergency Services, National Security.