• Financial / Trading Fuel Systems

Corporate Financial

Large corporate financial facilities typically include significant computing operations which increase their power loads and requirements for uninterrupted service. Trading operations, with smaller power loads, have the same requirements for the highest levels of risk management.

The challenge of many financial and trading operations is that they are often in high rise urban areas, often with only control over a portion of a large multi-tenant facility. This means that fuel supplies and generators are often located in less than optimal parts of the building, often split on various levels. For example: fuel fill stations at grade level, storage tanks in basements, and generators on the roof.

Earthsafe Solutions

  • Flexible networkable units for fill stations, duplex pumps, filter polishers, day tanks
  • Network interface panels to allow review of the entire system from any building level
  • Detailed integration with building management systems for efficient monitoring

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Significant projects completed by Earthsafe include:

  • First American Corporation
  • Capital Group, Irvine
  • Hewitt Corporation
  • Letterman Digital Arts Center
  • National Audio Visual Conservation Center
  • ABN Amro Headquarters
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • Jump Trading
  • Citadel Investments
  • Capital Group