Life Cycle Services for Urban-Camp Homes

  • Planning and Approvals
  • Sitework Preparation and Grid Connect
  • System Installations and Testing
  • On-Boarding Clients with Sponsor Organization
  • Weekly Site Maintenance and Basic Welfare Services
  • Reconditioning / Relocation of Homes and Utilities.

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Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 1Start with a Sponsor Furnished No-Cost Lot Lease near Tent Camps.

The process starts by identifying and securing a no cost lease for a lot nearby existing tent camps. Re-location or destruction of tent camps are difficult to make successful. Lets stay in the neighborhood and make it better.

Urban Camp Products are Code Compliant. We make Site Plans and Technical Documents for Local Review and Approval.

Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 2: Improve the Site Conditions, Build Site Grid, and Connect City Utilities as Available

  • Minimal upgrades may be needed to dirt, pavement or gravel lots to support the lightweight Urban Camp Living Spaces
  • Low Cost Utility Lines are installed in trenches from the Power Shack to the Living Units
  • City Utilities are extended from the street to the Power Shack for Electric, Water, Sewer, Gas, and Data as available
Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 3: Set and Connect the Pre-Built Living Spaces and Utility Shacks

Pre-Built Living Spaces and Utility Shacks are set at the site, connected, and tested.

Local Fire and Safety Authorities review the site for emergency access and other requirements, to obtain a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO)

Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 4: On-Board Clients Selected by Sponsor and Startup Client Services

  • On-Board Training on Use and Care of the Living Space. Instruction for Client Obligations (Typically no outside storage) and Neighborhood Requirements
  • Setup Urban-Camp communication channel (text, voice, email) for client living space issues with response expectations
  • Establish Schedule Expectations for Urban-Camp weekly deliveries of basic groceries, cleaning and sanitary supplies.
Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 5: Manage the Site with Weekly Service Programs and Living Space / Utility Maintenance

  • Off-Grid System Weekly Fresh Water and Black Water Servicing. Fuel Check and Refill. Solid Waste Removal.
  • Remote Monitoring of Digital Controls to assess use conditions and items for troubleshooting.
  • Weekly deliveries of basic groceries, cleaning and sanitary supplies. Or coordinate with service provider
  • Weekly inspection and reporting of site conditions
Urban Homeless Tent Camp

Step 6: Happy Endings

Clients who gain control of their daily living environment, can work and suceed in solving their other challenges. Sponser agencies aslo work and suceed in helping people transition to better and long term housing solutions.

Urban-Camp Systems are designed to change as well. They can be expanded or reduced in scope, re-located to new sites, or removed and reconditioned for use in other cities.