About Urban-Camp

Urban-Camp builds systems to transition people living on the street to better lives. 

Urban-Camp systems offer security, shelter, heat, cooling, clean water, and toilets in a personal-control environment for individuals and small families. 

It’s the first step in helping people gain control of their lives and fight back against economic, mental health, or addiction challenges.

The Tent Camp Alternative

We study patterns in urban encampments and locate systems nearby to existing tent camps to offer an attractive alternative to street living.  Destruction or displacement of urban tent camps has failed as a solution.  

Urban-Camp addresses the pushback on tent camps, with dramatic improvement to the status quo.  With secure personal storage inside, the camp environment is maintained as clean and organized.  The units have a “home” look to fit into the neighborhood.  And the sites are actively managed, to conform with community requirements.

Urban-Camp living units are designed for personal control.  Living in common shelter using common facilities, has not been a solution for many people who continue to live on the street.  Each Urban-Camp living unit is lockable and accessible only to the individual or family, except for emergency. Just like your home or apartment. All unit utilities are located in a compartment accessible for maintenance from outside.

Code Compliant Systems for Local Approval

Urban Camp system are designed for temporary, 1-5 year, encampments on leased property from private and public sponsors.  System are lightweight to install on existing sites without foundations – within the dimensions of a standard parking space. 

Units are designed to be Off-Grid, independent of exiting utilities, On-Grid, or a combination for water, sewer, electricity, and fuel. 

The temporary status of the encampments enables faster local permitting, and eases zoning and building code restrictions.

Who We Are

Urban-Camp is a group of engineers, architects, designers, and makers.  We witness the heartbreak of the homeless living conditions in the many cities where we live, work, and visit friends.

Urban-Camp is organized as a non-profit, with 501c status.  We rely on individuals, foundations, corporations, and public agencies to provide property for lease, payment for product, and costs for site management.

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