• Infrastructure Fuel Systems

Infrastructure Fuel Systems

Infrastructure facilities have a critical impact on public safety and must continue to operate in the most challenging circumstances. While power loads are often moderate, the conditions can be severe: earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood.

Significant projects include:

  • Telecom and Data Communications
  • Emergency 911 Centers, Fire and Police
  • National Security Centers
  • Military Operations Centers
  • Power Plants and Distribution Networks
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Transportation and Maintenance Facilities
  • Water Pumping Stations – Flood Protection

Earthsafe Solutions

  • Seismic tested controllers
  • Rugged weatherproof units for fill stations, duplex pumps, filter polishers, day tanks
  • Network interface panels to allow review of the entire system from central operations
  • Detailed integration with building management systems for efficient monitoring

For additional technical information:

Completed projects include:

  • AT&T Telecommunications
  • Microwave Tower Network
  • Electric Reliability Council
  • Time Warner Data Centers
  • Austin TX Emergency Facility
  • Scottsdale AZ Emergency Facility
  • Nashville TN Emergency Facility
  • US Border Patrol Facilities
  • US Consulate China
  • NNSA Facility
  • Naval Weapons Station
  • Marine Operations Center
  • National Center for Security