• Healthcare / Bio Research Fuel Systems


Hospitals fuel systems include significant emergency generator service for uninterrupted operation. Dual feed boilers (diesel secondary) are also typically required, and these can have significantly different fuel pressure and flow requirements needing parallel systems.

Facilities often have large power loads and requirements for extended run times, typically 72 hours, requiring large fuel storage volumes and a need for fuel quality management.

Healthcare facilities also include urban medical centers with high-rise building construction. Typically fuel storage tanks, fill stations, generator rooms, and boiler rooms are on multiple levels within these facilities.

Earthsafe Solutions

  • Master control systems for management of multi-generator and multi-tank operations
  • Flexible networkable units for fill stations, duplex pumps, filter polishers, day tanks
  • Network interface panels to allow review of the entire system from any building level
  • Detailed integration with building management systems for efficient monitoring

For additional technical information:

Earthsafe has completed over 300 major medical facility fuel systems. Recent projects include:

  • Medical Center 1: (4) lower level fuel tanks of 20,000 gallons, 6 generators and 3 boilers located on upper floors of the building
  • Medical Center 2: (3) underground tanks of 30,000 gallons, 6 generators at lower level, 3 boilers on Level 26

Other significant projects include:

  • LA Children Hospital Research, Los Angeles
  • Unversity of Chicago Hospital
  • Kaiser Medical Center
  • Northwestern University
  • Center of Disease Control CUP
  • California Pacific Medical Center
  • St.Joseph Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital Gilbert
  • Banner Estrella Hospital
  • UCSF Hospital
  • Burlingame Hospital
  • Lurie Childrens Hospital
  • Scripps Medical Center
  • San Antonio Military Medical Center
  • Ft. Benning Hospital
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Unversity of Michigan Bioscience Research
  • Brown University Bioscience Building
  • University Maryland Research Building
  • Northwestern Lurie Cancer Research
  • UCSF Mission Bay QB3 Research Building
  • Gladstone Institute
  • Center of Disease Control CUP