• C7 Series Network and Safety Controllers

Product Guide for the C7 Series Network and Safety Controllers

Our standard C8 and C9 Series controllers can network amoungst themselves or also directly into other building systems.  These C7 Series controllers address some special situations where network wide integration and control is needed.


Managed Ethernet for Self-Healing Networks

The C7-ETH Module is for Critical Ethernet, where control functions as well as monitoring is communicated through the network, or where dual master controllers use a mesh type network configuration.  The C7-ETH is also used where managed switches with redundant power sources or other special requirements are desired as a stand-alone panel.

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E-Stop Safety Controllers

Our C8 and C9 controlllers are available with emergency stop pushbuttons.  The C8SR E-Stop Safety Controller is used when fuel system elements are widely dispersed with many e-stop location, or when an industrial standard E-Stop system is needed.

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Legacy Products

Our C7 Network Interface Module was used with our original RS-485 based controllers.  It provided an interface using Modbus to a BMS system.  Now ethernet and Modbus / BacNet are built into our C8/C9 controllers which also offer great HMI interfaces.

C700 Network Interface   Now C8 or C9