Urban Camp Habitat Kit

  • Code Compliant Home with Utilities
  • Core and Shell by Urban Camp Homes
  • Finishes and Installation by Habitat

Habitat for Humanity is the most successful organization in providing low cost housing worldwide.  The focus of Habitat has always been to help people own an affordable home.  Its sweat equity model with volunteer engagement has grown to a presence throughout the US and the World.

Urban Camp is directed at the lowest end of the homeless problem, those individuals currently living on the street or in tent camps.  Many of the Habitat for Humanity Organizations are looking at this lowest rung as a place where they can have a special impact.

Urban Camp has designed Habitat Kits to engage local Habitat for Humanity groups.  The idea is for Urban Camp to provide the core and shell with quality control procedures to assure code compliance of the dwellings.  Habitat groups will provide a pre-fab space, buy finish materials, and engage its volunteer network to build dwelling units.  Completed units are inspected for code compliance then set at the site for utility connection and use.

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