Why We Created GenApp

We have worked on generator projects in critical facilities all over the world.  And we take a lot of pride in our work, helping people reliably accomplish some pretty cool things, by keeping their special buildings running when power stops. We help hospitals treat patients, help people learn and communicate through the internet, help scientists make medical advances, and help emergency response teams stay in action.

In our highly critical system work, we learned a lot about how people use and maintain generators.  We developed GenApp to manage generators, not just in these large complex facilities, but any building with even a small stand-alone generator.  If you have a generator, it is probably important to you and the people depending on you.

What We Learned during Design

What we learned from helping people maintain their generators is that it not magic, just details.  Just like your car or truck, you need fuel in your tank, and better yet clean fuel. You need a good battery. And you need confidence that it will start because your tested that theory not long ago. 

And as we watched facility engineers even at very large data centers, we realized that the details were not wired in electronically, but were observed by people walking around.  So we developed GenApp first as a simple manual entry system for the details.  And then we developed smart devices to monitor those details and connect to the app to make your job easier.

What is GenApp

If you have 1 generator or 1000, GenApp keeps all of your data organized to assure you and the people depending on you, that your generators start and run reliably.  Your GenApp database includes all the information your team needs to keep your generators ready to run:

  • Site and Contact Data
  • Generator Machine Data
  • Generator Readiness Data
  • Record Forms for 12 Service Activities
  • Service Scheduling Data

Why you Need GenApp

25% of Generators fail to start and run when needed. The causes are simple: fuel and batteries, rather than machine breakdowns. The root cause is the time and expense of performing the basic monitoring and servicing. 

GenApp reduces that expense by creating a software powered system dedicated to generator servicing. 

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