GenApp Sensors for Genset Remote Monitor

GenApp Sense is a set of products for monitoring and measuring critical generator start conditions. These are fuel levels, filter differential pressure, and battery voltage drop on start. Get the Data Sheet

genapp level sensor

NS01 Fuel Level Transmitter

The NS01 is a highly accurate submersible pressure transmitter designed for
generator sub-base tanks. The sensor provides an analog input to the GenApp
Node-1 for tank fuel height and volume indication. Accuracy + / - 1%. 1.5 IN (38)
Tank Port. 120 IN (3000) Cable Length.

genapp press sensor

NS02 Fuel Filter Differential Pressure Transmitter

The NS02 installs on the suction side of the fuel filter and inputs to the GenApp
Node-1 to monitor for dirty filter condition. Tracking the increase in differential
pressure allows for servicing in a timely manner to prevent non-starts from clogged
fuel filters. Accuracy + / - 1%. 0.25 IN (6) NPT Mounting.

genapp battery test

NS03 Battery Test Sensor (Voltage, Temperature, Accelerometer)

The NS03 is a combination sensor that provides input to the GenApp Node-1 for battery testing on generator start. The accelerometer indicates a generator start, temperature is recorded, and the voltage drop against time is measured. The Node-1 is able to analyze the battery performance trends and indicate the risk of non-start conditions.

genapp level sensor

NS10 Fuel High Fuel Level Sensor

NS10 is a simple float switch type sensor that installs in the top of the tank as a
redundant high level signal.

genapp leak sensor

NS11 Fuel Leak Sensor

NS11 is a simple float switch type sensor that installs in fuel containment areas and
provides a signal to the GenApp Cloud Interface.