GenApp Onsite Fuel Service for Generators

Fuel Sampling, Testing, Filtration Polishing, Water Removal, Fuel Top-Off, Battery Testing.  A simple onsite process to assure reliable generator start and run.

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onsite security

Check In at Site

We check-in with your site security, review any site specific security
and safety rules, and review the work to be performed with your site personnel.

onsite setup

Setup Work Area

We move our vehicle and equipment to the parking and work
areas, define our work areas with safety markings, and review the
generator and tank equipment access

onsite onboard

OnBoard Gen Data

Our Technician enters site, generator, and fuel tank data into the
mobile app and connects to the GenApp cloud.

onsite connect

Connect To Gen Tank

We install a coaxial fuel pipe with soft tip into the fuel tank main fill
of other access port. Then we connect supply and return hoses to
the filtration unit.

onsite water

Suction Tank Water

We use a high-suction pump to remove water from the bottom of
the fuel tank and place it in a waste container. If over 5 gallons, it
is transferred to a drum, which is removed from the site a licensed
waste hauler. Bio-Contaminated fuel at the tank bottom is also
removed if present.

onsite filter cycle

Filter Cycle for Diesel

The filtration cycle is started. Fuel is transferred through a 5 filter
process to remove particulates and absorb water to 1 micron,
ISO 18/xx/xx quality standard. Water absorbtion elements remove
any entrained water, as standard coalescers are often ineffective.
The filter cycle continues for a minimum 1 tank volume turnover
measured by onboard electronic meters.

onsite additives

Dose Fuel Additives

During the filtration cycle, fuel treatment additives are dosed for
performance (cetane boost), cleaning / dewatering, bio-treatment,
and winterization where applicable.

onsite samples

Make Fuel Samples

At the end of the fuel cleaning and treatment, a fuel sample is
extracted into a sample container. This is sent to a laboratory for full
analysis in accordance with ASTM 975. Results are emailed to client
and uploaded to the GenApp web for reference.

onsite battery

Battery Test / Analysis (Option)

The battery test and analysis if performed with a highly specialized
fluke meter performing a micro load test to accurately assess the
condition. Results are uploaded to the GenApp cloud and emailed
to the client.

onsite topoff

Top-Off Fuel Delivery

We can top-off your fuel tank to 90% levels up to 50 gallons
(Option) aximum, which is all that we have on-board. The fuel is off-road ULS
diesel that is pre-treated for performance, cleaners, biocides, and

onsite record

Record GenApp Services

We record the services performed on GenApp mobile and transmit
to client, and the GenApp cloud for reference.

onsite breakdown

Breakdown Work Area

We keep our work are clean as we go along, but after
and Inspect breaking-down the work area, we do a final inspection.

onsite checkout

Check Out at Site

We review the work performed with site personnel and checkout
through site security