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Cloud Connect with GenApp OnBoard Monitor

Our specialized tools keep you connected with your generator vital signs.  We focus on a few Key Readiness Indicators (KRI) that are the primary causes of generator failure

  • Fuel Level and Quality
  • Battery Condition Status
  • Gen Run Tests Performed

The Hardware

The GenApp OnBoard Monitor is a micro-size industrial-grade computer with exceptional communication skills.  The Monitor panel mounts in the generator enclosure and connects to smart sensors that monitor fuel level, battery performance, and generator run status.   The OnBoard Monitor is easy to install and stands independent of the generator operating controls. 

Sensors for Fuel Level and Quality: The GenApp level sensor installs through a tank top opening to monitor fuel levels precisely.   Water sensing elements in the base of the probe monitor the accumulation of the water film at the tank bottom, which leads to bio growth and tank corrosion.

Sensors for Battery Condition:  Battery condition is assessed by monitoring voltage when a load is applied during a generator run test.  This method allows the recording and analysis of the voltage drop and recovery during the generator start for accurate determination of a problem battery, allowing replacement before failure.

Sensors for Gen Run Tests:  We keep it simple by connecting a vibration sensor to the generator frame and recording the run event to prove compliance with organization standards and regulatory compliance.  The Run Time monitor also allows for evaluation of annual run times where clean air permits restrict hours of operation.

Easy Setup with Graphic Mobile Interface:

OnBoard Monitors are available as battery powered with solar re-charge, 12-24 VDC from Genset batteries, or 120-230 VAC from genset utility outlet.  After power-up, the monitor connects via Bluetooth to GenApp mobile app, for simple input of generator information for setup. 

Communication:The OnBoard Monitor records data, but how does it get to the cloud.  We offer 3 methods of transmission:

  1. Bluetooth to Mobile:   The most popular and easiest transmission mode is to use the GenApp mobile app to upload via Bluetooth, the performance records from the device.  The user within range of the genset, recognizes and connects using the native Bluetooth capability on the mobile.  Then via connected wi-fi or cellular data, the uploaded data is transmitted to the cloud database. 
  2. Wi-Fi Isolated from Building Networks:  If Wi-Fi is available at the generator location, the KRI monitor connects easily to periodically upload data to the cloud.  We recommend that the Wi-Fi network be an ordinary network, isolated from the building or facility IT networks, to assure any security concerns.
  3. Cellular Data:  If Cell service is available at the generator, The KRI monitor easily connects via cellular to the cloud data environment.

Now You Are Connected

Key Readiness Indicators (KRIs) are available to you online or your mobile device through GenApp.  Whether you manage 1 site or 1000 sites, you have the assurance that you are in control.

Your KRI Dashboard includes a status summary indicator and the ability to drill down into the status and service records of any problem generators.  This allows you to direct your team to address reliability risks with specific information.  Alarms and Notifications of KRI variations might include:

  • low fuel level
  • battery test warning
  • run test past due

Enable your Fuel and Service Vendors to Minimize Costs

You can share your GenApp KRIs with vendors, along with the detailed information about the genset entered on GenApp.  This allows the vendor to show-up at the site prepared to get the job done right the first time.

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