• C8-C9 Series Multi-Function Control

Product Guide for C8-C9 Multi-Function Control

Multi-Function Unit Controllers

Earthsafe pioneered networkable PLC controllers for fuel systems over 25 years ago.  The basis of our designs is multi-function controllers with modular software.  A C8 Series controller can be programmed for: Day Tank Level Control, Duplex Pump Operation, Filtration Polisher, Fill Station, or Multi-Tank Selection.  Individual panels network together to form an integrated system.

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Master Controllers

Earthsafe Master Controllers have the various functions of day tank level, duplex pump operation, tank selection, and filter polishers integrated into a larger PLC based controller.

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Very Simple Unit Controllers

Earthsafe makes a very simple programable unit controller based on a smart relay.  This is useful for high level control, or simple pump control where network integration is not needed. 

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Legacy Controllers

Our controllers have evolved over 25 years and are still always backwards compatible.  However some of the very old systems have End-of-Life PLCs HMIs or other components.  Here are some of our older systems, which we can update with the newer technology discussed above.

C80 MicroPlex Controller Now the C8

C800 OmniPlex Controller Now the C8

C890 OmniPlex Plus Controller Now the C9