• C2 Series Fuel Pump Power Control

Product Guide for C2 Series Fuel Pump Power Control

Our Standard Fuel Pump Motor Controller

As Always designed to "Start on Line Power Alone" independent of contrrol power, and loaded with all the safety features: safety disconnect, internal power supply, current sensors, overload protection, HOA switch and Auto status monitoring. Operates gear pumps or standard submersibles.  Single and Dual models.

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Pump Control with Auto-Transfer Power Switch

This pump controller accepts 2 power sources.  If a power source fails then the control auto-switches to secondary source. Offered in single phase or 3 phase, with same robust features of our standard controller.

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Pump Control with VFDs

Our fuel pump controller based on VFD Variable Frequency Drive.  Manage multi-generator flows, and fluid hammer problems with soft start-stop.

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Legacy Controllers

Our controllers have evolved over 25 years, Here are some of our older systems, which we can update with the newer technology discussed above.

C230 Pump Motor Control  Now the C2