• GenEvo Master Fuel System

The GenEvo fuel system is a comprehensive fuel manager for reliable generator fuel supply.  The Franklin Fuelling EVO 550 is the Intelligent center of the system, integrating a full set of fuel supply functional elements.  These elements include bulk storage tanks, tank fill stations, day tanks, duplex pump sets, filter polishers and DEF.  


New Gen Evo Documents:

ESS.SP. Gen Evo Fuel Oil System Specification


Gen Evo Fuel System Design Guide

Why GenEvo?

Generator fuel systems are configured in a wide variety of systems to suit safety, compliance, and operational requirements in and around buildings.  Most often they are designed and built, or cobbled together, using independent fuel gauges, pumps, day tanks, and other components that are difficult to commission and operate as an integrated system.  The Franklin Evo has a heritage of integrating fuel tank level gauging, leak detection, and pump control – and an unmatched global network of certified technicians.


GenEvo Franklin Evo System Basics

GenEvo Basics

GenEvo Controller Franklin Evo TS550 is integrated to specialized Franklin equipmnent

  • Evo Level Probes
  • Evo Leak Sensors
  • Evo Line Leak Detection and Vacuum Sensors
  • FE Petro Submersible Pumps
  • FE Petro Pump Controllers

Gen Evo Special Control Boxes

Use the Intelligence in the Gen Eco Controller but Add Special Interfaces

Generator Fuel Systems will require some simple additional interface devices from the standard Evo equipment.  These small panels are simple low-cost devices that add detail to the control system


Gen Evo Pump-Filter-Fill Modules

GenEvo Pump-Filter-Fill Modules

GenEvo Flow is a set of products for fuel flow for generator sub-base and day tanks. tank direct fill, tank remote fill, and filter polishing.  Local controls are for power safety, manual mode operation, and testing.  Control Intelligence is performed directly by the GenEvo controller.