• GenApp for Reliable Genset Start and Run

GenApp is Cloud Technology for Generator Monitoring and Services

  • GenApp Mobile downloads to your mobile phone and allows manual recording of service events with over 10 service templates. And the desktop version allows for analytics and reporting.
  • GenApp Monitor is an on-board device that continuously monitors and logs key generator conditions. Data uploads using the mobile app or by wi-fi or cellular to the cloud database for remote monitoring. 
  • GenApp Onsite Fuel Services performs fuel cleaning and tank top-off for stand-alone generators. Compact gear allows our techs to access generators, in, on, and around buildings for fast efficient service.

GenApp Onsite Diesel Clean

GenApp Onsite Fuel Service is the complete solution to generator fuel worries. New ULSD Diesel Fuel gets old fast and is a problem for your emegency generator.  GenApp Onsite fuel services clean, treat, de-water, top-off and test your generator fuel.  Stay in compliance with codes and be assured of generator start and run.


GenApp Mobile

GenApp Mobile is the Free App for Generator Service Management.  Keep track of inspections and events with 10 standard service record templates, then upload data to the cloud.  Use the GenApp Web desktop application for analysis and reporting.  GenApp also connects via Bluetooth to the GenApp Onboard Monitor to upload data on fuel levels, battery tests, and gen run tests to avoid the 3 most common causes of genset failure.


GenApp OnBoard Monitor

GenApp On-Board Monitor continually checks Fuel Levels, and records Gen Run Test Events and Battery Conditions.  These are your Key Reliability Indicators that are connected to the cloud database using the moblie app, wi-fi, or cellular data.