• Fuel Pumps, Day Tanks, Fuel Polishers, Tank Filling, DEF

Earthsafe Fuel Transfer and Control Products are designed for Extreme Flexibility. The products allow for a vast range of solutions in configuring reliable fuel systems for generators. These are the most popular products used by engineers and fuel specialists.  

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M2 Series Duplex Pumps

Duplex Pumps provide redundancy for critical fuel supply. Our duplex pumps are based on high performance gear pumps with excellent suction characteristics to assure performance.  Pumps are available from 3 to 300 GPM (10-1200 LPM) and in the full range of HP (KW) and Voltages.  Pump sets include all valves, gauges, sensors, and accessories in a pre-assembled and tested module.


M3 Series Fuel Polishers

Fuel Polishing is critical for reliable generator start and run:

  • as diesel fuel ages, particulates form which can increase the wear on generator engine parts 
  • fuel tanks accumulate water through condensation encouraging bacterial growth
  • diesel engine emissions technology requires higher purity fuel to prolong engine life.

M4 Series Tank Fill Stations

Safe Tank Filling addresses the problems of transferring fuel to storage tanks without spills or overfills.  The problem is acute in many building applications where storage tanks are remote from fuel delivery areas requiring blind operation. Earthsafe Tank Fill Stations are designed to safely fill single or multiple storage tanks.  Critical controls indicate tank fuel level reading with multiple redundant actions for high tank levels. 


M5 Series Day Tanks and Gen Tank Refill

Earthsafe day tanks are designed for safe and reliable refilling to provide an assured source of fuel adjacent to the generator.  Day tanks are available as UL142 Double Wall, or UL 2085 Fire Rated tanks. Our day tank refill systems are also used extensively for refilling generator sub-base tanks (belly tanks), or where day tanks are locally sourced to reduce freight costs.


DEF Urea Systems for Generator SCR

DEF Urea systems for generator emissions control are a critical part of generator operations because environmental regulations may require complete shutdown if the emissions control is not functioning correctly.  DEF storage and delivery can be complex since the required quality range is narrow, and the DEF is subject to rapid degradation during long term storage.


M9 Series - Integrated Modular Fuel Systems

Integrated Fuel Modules are designed as a single assembly for fuel transfer, fuel polishing, and generator tank refilling. The modules are factory assembled and tested to minimize site work.  


Fuel Storage Tanks and Enclosures

Earthsafe Systems integrate with all types of storage tanks, underground or aboveground, steel or fiberglass.  We also manufacture cubic fuel storage tanks and equipment enclosures for special applications.


Heating Systems for Fuel Tanks and Piping

Controlled heating systems for fuel tanks and piping may be required in certain environments to assure reliable service.  When the fuel supply is critical in generator service, then the heat tracing monitoring and control should be designed and monitored as with any other part of the fuel system.