• DEF Urea for Generator SCR

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requires specialized storage to maintain required quality for generator exhaust treatment.  DEF must be maintained closely to its 32.5% concentration of urea in de-ionized water.  DEF must be protected both from low temperature freezing and high temperature degradation.  And the quality is critical since many diesel generators cannot legally be operated without effective in-spec pollution control

T100 DEF Urea Storage Tanks for Generator SCR

The UT100 Tank is designed specifically for diesel generator systems:
  • Cubic Design: The cubic design minimizes space requirements near generators.
  • Insulated: Insulation between the tank walls assures DEF quality protection form cold and heat.
  • Stainless Steel: Corrosion protection from aggressive DEF fluid and physical protection in machine areas.
  • Double Wall: Secondary containment of DEF for Environmental and Personnel Safety.
  • Complete DEF Systems: Tank openings and brackets designed for pumps, controls, and sensors. 

UM200 DEF Urea Duplex Pump

These reliable duplex pump sets and controls are stainless steel construction with standard or mag drive pumps.  Flow capacities range from 3 to 30 GPM (12 to 120 LPM).  Pumps are self-priming with excellent lift capabilities.


UM300 DEF Urea Filter - Heater

The safe and reliable heater filter maintains DEF Urea tanks during cold weather operation.  It can be operated to circulate fuel through the piping system to protect distribution paths as well.


UM400 DEF Urea Tank Filling Station

The standard tank filling stations are passsive for pump equipped truck. Pump assist tank filling stations are available as 25 GPM (100 LPM) and 100 GPM (400 LPM).


UM500 DEF Urea Day Tanks

Cubic stainless steel tanks with containment and refill controls for generator SCR.  Capacities 50-2500 GAL (200-10000 L)


UM600 DEF Urea Injection Module

Reliable variable flow control to SCR Units based on Generator and emissions inputs.


UT100 DEF Urea Tank Storage - Control Temp

Tank and enclosure system with cooling and heat control to maintain DEF Urea storage within recommended band of 50-75 F Range (10-20 C).