• C6 Series Critical Power Source

Product Guide for C6 Series Critical Power Source

The C6 Series products are designed to assure reliable power to fuel system components.  Many of our C8 Series multi-function controllers and C2 Series pump controllers have dual power source options built-in.  The C6 products are for designs requiring a central power management panel, or a smaller adjunct panel for a tank management panel


Dual Power Source ATS (Auto-Transfer Switch) and PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

The new C6-ATS(PDU) provides dual source power for the full fuel system including all pumps and controls. The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) monitors incoming power source quality and automatically switches to the secondary source, upon failure of the primary. Individual circuit breakers distribute power to the fuel system elements and are monitored for trip status. The onboard PLC monitors the status of all power sources and provides network communications to the master fuel system controller and BMS.

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UPS Uninterruptible Power Souce (Battery Backup)

The new C6-UPS01 Control Power UPS is designed to provide a battery backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for fuel system controllers and tank monitors such as Veeder Root, Pneumercator, and Franklin-Incon. 

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Legacy Products

Our controllers have evolved over 25 years.  Here are some of our older systems, which we can update with the newer technology discussed above.

C600 Critical Power Source Master  Now the C6