Over 25 Years and Over 1000 Fuel Systems Worldwide

Established as a regional provider of aboveground fire safe fuel systems. Primary customers are telecommunications facilities upgrading fuel systems in response to new environmental regulations for underground tanks.

First fuel systems for engine testing and development at Cummins in Columbus , IN. Started experience toward being the leading US provider of fuel systems for automotive testing and development facilities.

First international experience providing fuel systems for facilities in Mexico for General Motors. Additional projects in Mexico have included a design build tank farm and dynamometer fuel system for Ford Engine.

Expanded project experience US nationwide providing design build fuel systems to US government facilities including US Border Patrol, US Army, US Navy, Veterans Administration Hospitals .

Developed Power Plex Control Systems for complex mission critical fuel systems for internet data centers. Designed and built fast track data center fuel systems in the 10 largest US metro areas as internet firms expanded rapidly.

Provided complex fuel systems for Korean, Japanese, English, and German firms establishing testing and development facilities in the US , as the pace of globalization in the automotive industry accelerated.

First International – Asia experience providing automotive fuel systems in Korea . Additional Asia experience includes aircraft engine test stand fuel systems in China .

Developed CentraPlex fuel systems for critical technical facilities such as hospitals and banking facilities. Developed relationships with the leading design and build teams for technical facilities throughout the US .

Completed largest project to date, the design and construction of the tank farm for the Nissan Assembly Plant in Canton , MS . Also completed projects for Nissan Engine in TN and Toyota Engine in AL as the automotive industry expanded in the US Southeast.

Established leadership position in fuel systems for biomedical research facilities and hospitals. Completed significant transportation fuel systems for aircraft and railroad fueling. Completed first project in China for an aircraft engine test facility fuel system.

Established leadership position in healthcare facilities in California, driven by new regulations for OSHPD construction standards on earthquake resistant design, and new environmental regulations for comprehensive positive monitoring of underground fuel systems

New products and technical services introduced to meet the needs of the accleration of Internet Data Center Construction in the US. Provided fuel system commissioning services for expansion and upgrade of existing facilities to meet increased demand.

Introduces new products for BACNet, LON, and Metasys N2 compatibility to provide fully integrated fuel systems with substantial cost savings.

Provided fuel systems for several of the largest data centers being built in the US in the Pacific Northwest and Texas. Established US dealer network to provide broad based local solutions and support for critical facility fuel systems.

Introduced Omniplex Multi-Function Control. The versatile unit controller is programmable to perform the full range of fuel system control including day tank level, duplex pump, filtration-polisher, fill station, tank selection.

Completed large Central Energy Plant systems for new major medical centers. The plants are characterized by large multiple tank storage systems, multiple generators, and boilers, typically at different levels or facility locations. Responded to increasing requirements for detailed BMS interface functions with enhanced product functionality.

Provided fuel systems for projects in Europe, Middle East, and China. Expanded international dealer network to provide full solutions to international customers.

Completed largest data center projects to date in Texas, Virginia, Colorado, and Canada. Designed and built systems to Tier 4 requirements for dual redundant flows. Introduced modular fuel systems for data center rapid construction and urea systems for diesel emissions control.

Completed several large Tier 4 Data Centers on expedited schedules for financial institutions.  Completed 2 large complex medical centers in California under OSHPD regulations.  Continued International work in Middle East and Asia.

Five massive internet data centers completed in a 6 month expedited construction period.   These included a variety of designs using traditional day tanks, large generator sub-base tanks, and fuel header systems. Initiated new assembly operation in Europe and completed 2 large European data centers.  All to support move to Cloud Computing.

Completed a large internet data center facility in Europe.  Completed several large data centers for US Telecoms. Numerous data center expansion projects throughout the US.  Continued International work in Middle East, Africa, and Asia.