• New GenApp Onsite Fuel Polishing Services

New GenApp Onsite Fuel Polishing Services

GenApp OnSite

Fuel Polishing and Treatment Service

GenApp fuel polishing and dosing equipment is specifically designed for generator sub-base and day tanks.  Our fuel technicians are trained for safe, fast, and clean site servicing.

On Demand and On Schedule

  • A Simple Fee to Clean and Treat Generator Fuel Tanks.
  • Auto-Schedule Annually, Quarterly or as Often as you Need.
  • No Equipment to Own or Maintain
  • Save Time and Keep your Hands Clean
  • Free your Skilled People for the critical tasks only they can perform


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Fuel Cleaning: ULSD makes diesel fuel stored for fuels more susceptible to degradation.  All generator manufacturers now recommend periodic fuel polishing to remove water and particulates from fuel.  GenApp polishing skids allow for fast cleaning service, often less than 1 hour start to finish.

GenApp Fuel Cleaning is a 5 stage filtration process that removes water and particulates to 1 micron and assures the recommended ISO 12/9/6 cleanliness standard.  To assure water removal, GenApp suctions fuel from the floor of the tank where water resides and uses water adsorption filters rather than coalescers which are often rendered ineffective by ULSD surfactants.

Fuel Treatment:  Fuel Treatment is recommended by generator manufacturers for long term reliable service.  GenApp polishing skids inject the accurate dose of additive into the fuel and circulates to blend it uniformly. The critical treatment classes are:

  • Performance: Cetane and Lubricity Enhancement for ULSD,
  • Winterization: Prevent clouding or gelling of fuel or fuel filter icing, and
  • Cleanliness: Biocides for microbe bacteria and fungus.

Data Onboarding to Cloud:  Your generator data and fuel service records are uploaded to GenApp for cloud based generator fuel management.