Submitted by bill_edwards on Sat, 04/25/2015 - 10:54

Modular System at HCA Data Center in Nashville

Earthsafe provided a modular fuel system for a new data center in Nashville for HCA. HCA is the largest private hospital network in the US>  The fuel transfer system was delivered in 2 prefabricated modules.  Module 1 receives fuel, performs rapid polishing and transfer fuel from a receiving tank to bulk storage.  Module 2 provides additional filter polishing and transfer fuel to the generator building.  The system supports 5 new E1 Dynamics Rotary UPS units. 

Vital Fuel Systems was the fuel contractor, US Engineering the MC.  The innovative design was by Page, Southerland, Page, now and the GC was DPR Construction, one of the premier builders of technical facilities in the US.