• Children’s Hospital Chicago

Children’s Hospital Chicago

Earthsafe Systems commissioned the fuel system for the new Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, a 23-story, state-of-the-art hospital located in the heart of the city. The system supports the family-centered facility, which provides children with access to ground-breaking cures, treatments, technologies and research.

Interesting aspects of the system include: 3 each x 40,000 gallon underground storage tanks, 6 each sub-level diesel generators 2500 KW, 3 boilers located on the 21 st floor.

One of the challenges of these types of systems is that they have elements located in distinct parts of the facility. So if you are in one place, how do you get information on what is happening in another room or floor of the building.

We have been doing these types of systems for some time. The key to their effectiveness is the communications capabilities of the PLC based controls, so that every controller can be seen on the network. And secondly the use of graphic displays in each room, so that the total system status may be viewed as needed. The system is fully integrated into the building management system, so that day-to-day monitoring is part of the facility operation.


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