• appGENrun. IoT service app for Generator Reliability

appGENrun. IoT service app for Generator Reliability

When power fails, some buildings will be dark, and others alive. 25% of generators fail to start when needed.

Generators typically fail to start not from mechanical breakdown but rather: (a) no fuel or bad fuel, (b) clogged filters, and (c) battery issues.  appGENrun is a monitoring and service app that addresses this problem.  

Whether you have 1 or 100 generators, app GEN run is a lowest cost solution.  It may be used to facilitate in-house monitoring and maintenance, fully outsourced servicing, or a hybrid solution. 

appGENrun starts with a low cost monitoring device for fuel supply, filter, and battery monitoring.  Equipped with either wi-fi or cellular data connection, information flows to a Microsoft Azure cloud database where analytics are facilitated.  Then user information is presented in an app environment for mobile or desktop user access.

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