• WP923 10 Experts Clean Diesel Needs for New Generators

10 Experts Clean Diesel Needs for New Gens

We reviewed the available technical literature regarding diesel fuel quality, and created a synopsis for the 10 documents that seemed to us to provide comprehensive and unbiased information.  Here is our take away from the experts:

New Engines need Clean Fuel: New Generators designed to meet air emissions requirements operate at higher pressures and with closure machine tolerances in their fuel systems.   Dirt and water contamination in the fuel causes wear on the precision parts, directly affecting engine performance.

Your New Fuel Is Dirty: There are new standards for fuel cleanliness defined as ISO 18/16/13 for fuel delivered to your site, but the engines require 12/9/6.

And it is Getting Worse: Natural breakdown of fuel in long term storage and high temperatures from the fuel system causes particulates to fall from solution, and water accumulates from natural tank breathing and temperature change.

The White Paper explains the process of diesel fuel degradation and the requirements for filter polishing systems to assure reliability.


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