• New Design Guide for GenEVO Fuel System

New Design Guide for GenEVO Fuel System

GenEvo Tank Gauge + Control

Most generator fuel systems are designed and built, or cobbled together, using independent fuel gauges, pumps, day tanks, and other components that are difficult to commission and operate as an integrated system.  The Franklin Evo has a heritage of integrating fuel tank level gauging, leak detection, and pump control – and an unmatched global network of certified technicians.

More than a Tank Gauge

The evo controller is well known for tank level gauging, leak detection, fill station high level alarms, and operating submersible pumps.  The Earthsafe GenEvo controller extends these capabilities to:

Day Tanks:  Evo level probes perform precision gauging of day tank fuel levels, and programmable refill start and stop functions.  Day tank inlet solenoid valves, supply transfer pumps, or overflow return pumps are all integrated into the evo control.

Filter Polishers: Evo controls the timing of filter polisher circulation pumps, and monitors filter status. evoGen elements are available as Filter Polisher units fed by remote submersible pumps, or with on-board positive displacement suction pumps.

Duplex Pumps:  Evo controls its native FE Petro submersible pumps.  It also operates and monitors positive displacement suction pumps where used for more precise low flow control or higher pressure required in high rise buildings.

Tank Fill Stations:  Evo controls remote tank fill stations with high level alarms,  fill pipe valve control, remote tank level % Full indication, and multi-tank fill selection.

Here is the Design Guide for more information:

Download the Design Guide