• Lower Costs with Smart Fuel Modules

Beat the High Cost of Custom Fuel Systems 

No need for every fuel system to be a costly engineering effort.  Earthsafe modules are pre-designed to be configured in a wide variety of applications for generator service in buildings.  The modules have a wide range of flow rates to fit the project requirements, all within a very compact footprint to allow maximum flexibility in location.

Network Ready Fuel Modules

Earthsafe fuel modules all have a common controller that is designed to be software modified to perform the required module functions.  They all have a common core of "points" that are communicated over a ready ethernet capability to the master interface for building systems.

An Integrated Suite of Solutions

A single platform for Duplex Pumps, Filter Polishers, Tank Filling Stations, and Day Tanks makes for fast and easy integration and testing. 

M20 Duplex Fuel Oil Pumps

M30 Fuel Filter Polisher

M40 Tank Fill System

M50 Generator Day Tanks