• 10 Challenges for Adding Gensets to an Existing Fuel System

10 Challenges for Adding Gensets to an Existing Fuel System

Emergency generators and associated fuel systems are often designed for the addition of future generators.  But sometimes not.  In either case a generator add or modification project requires detailed planning and analysis.  Here is an overview of good questions to ask, and details to consider.

1. Fixing Problems with the Existing System.

What is the user feedback on the system?  Have there been any leaks, spills, overfills?  Have there been any pump, valve, control failures?  If integrated to the BMS has the data been accurate?  Is there important information missing from the BMS data.  Is there an alarm log history that indicates repeat problems?

2. Compare Control and Integration with Other Building Systems

How does the fuel system control and integration compare with other building systems.  Are most other building systems delivering information for fast alarm response and predictive maintenance.  Are data sets for other systems more extensive that the fuel system?

3. Safety Evaluation and Correction

Are all fuel storage tanks up-to-date with existing codes for secondary containment?  Are fuel transfer pumps and filters contained with spill pans or curbs?  Is the piping around generators protected with spill panels or curbs?  Do tanks have ant-siphon protection?  How about Overfill protection?  Are emergency stops in-place to allow system dis-able in the event of emergency?


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