• DG911 Data Center Fuel Oil System Design Guide

Data Center Fuel Oil System Design Guide

Tier 4 through Tier 1 Data Center Designs are included in this guide.  Data centers are characterized by generally large power loads and run time durations requiring substantial quantities of fuel on the site. The systems are designed with standard components but with redundancy to avoid single points of failure.  The redundancy requires monitoring of component status and auto-switch to alternate components when failure is indicated.  These monitoring and auto-switch functions require advanced PLC control systems. The systems are also highly monitored by BMS systems.

The design includes details for consulting engineers and contractors to facilitate improved system designs for critical facilities.  Details include:

  • General Description of Fuel System
  • Tier 4 to Tier 1 Design Criteria
  • Fuel System Component Functions
  • System Flow Diagrams P&ID
  • Discussions of Special Operating Features

Learn about the project to improve the cost, schedule, and reliability performance of your next fuel oil system.


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