• Visualization, Monitoring, and Analytics for Fuel Systems

Visualization, Monitoring, and Analytics for Fuel Systems

We have always been underwhelmed at the fuel system screens presented in BMS systems.  Our network controllers can present hundreds of points to monitor and a rich environment for analytics. We now have a way to present rich graphics and analytics to the user in an out-of-the-box pre-programmed solution.

appGENrun Systems is an IOt based software with rich graphic features, alarming, and analysis.  The software is accessible to BMS systems in full detail, reducing the high cost of building custom BMS screens.

appGENrun is an open source Internet of Things (IoT) platform with highly robust security.  The hardware device has RS-485 and Ethernet connection capability, and built in wireless.  The HTML5 basis for the graphics means that the interface may be displayed on the Fuel System Master Panel, Building Control Room monitors, Mobile devices, and Remote Monitoring locations.

Find out more at: Earthsafe-Dynamics-Monitoring-Analysis-Visualization