• CS812 Data Center Fuel Oil System Case Study - Sub-base Tanks

Data Center Fuel Oil System Case Study – Sub-Base Tanks

The data center operator required fast construction of a fuel system to support 16 generators of 2MW capacity each.  The generators are installed within pre-fabricated enclosures outside of the building walls.  The enclosures include 4000 gallon sub-base fuel tanks.  Fill stations are located about 300 feet away at a location where delivery trucks have access outside the equipment yard.

The case study includes details for consulting engineers and contractors to facilitate improved system designs for critical facilities.  Details include:

  • General Description of Fuel System
  • Design and Construction Challenges
  • Operation Sequence Summary
  • System Flow Diagram P&ID
  • Discussions of Special Operating Features

Learn about the project to improve the cost, schedule, and reliability performance of your next fuel oil system.


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