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GenApp Onsite Fuel Polishing Service

Assure Clean Diesel Fuel for Generator Reliability

Earthsafe has provided fixed filtration / polishing systems for critical generator sites for over 25 years. Now we have packaged that know-how into a mobile system offered as a service in selected cluster locations for data centers, and major medical facilities.  Services are provided as well to life safety generators in urban hi-rise facilities, security, communications, utility, and infrastructure.


4 Step Technical Process

Assuring clean fuel sources for generators includes servicing both bulk storage tanks and generator day tanks or sub-base tanks. 

Step 1: Check for tank bottom water and remove accumulated water.

Step 2: Recirculate fuel through particulate – coalescing – separation elements to remove particulates and water.  Precision measurement of particulate and water levels.

Step 3: Organics analysis of fuel and biocide dosing during filtration cycle as required.

Step 4: Upload operations and quality analysis to cloud-based record for customer access.


Clean Means Clean

“Clean” fuel is defined by specific and precise industry standards.  The Earthsafe Polishing system is equipped to measure cleanliness to these standards with onboard online analytics:

·       Dirt and Particulates per ISO 4406 to 18/16/13 Level with online Particle Counter

·       Organics per ASTM XYZ to ACP<10 Level with onsite samples and test.

·       Water PPM<500 per ASTM with online water content analyzer

Maintenance for Existing Filter Plant

If your site has installed filtration polishers, Earthsafe can maintain and monitor these systems for you including alarm response, filter changes, biocide treatments, tank bottom water removal, and periodic quality checks.


Ready for Small to Large Sites

We are equipped to service sites with 100 to 100,000 gallons of fuel stored.  Our fully equipped service trailers will clean underground or aboveground tanks directly.  Portable fuel polishing units are used for inside, basement, and rooftop generator fuel tanks.


Need More Info

Here is our Whitepaper on Clean Fuel Requirements:

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