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Your Proof of Readiness. GenApp is a mobile phone based interface for information about your generator condition to allow reliable start and run.  Manual Recording or Auto-Upload of inspection and service data is transmitted to the cloud database to allow efficient low cost management of generator assets and the assurance of reliability. 

Easy Network Setup for Integration: Earthsafe Controls manage reliable fuel supply to generators in critical applications.  Controllers are network ready for application to critical fuel supply in data centers, hospitals, security, and communication facilities.  They are also used for critical life safety generator applications in multi-story urban buildings.

Lower Costs with Smart Fuel Modules: Earthsafe Fuel Transfer and Control Products are designed for Extreme Flexibility. The products allow for a vast range of solutions in configuring reliable fuel systems for generators. These are the most popular products used by engineers and fuel specialists.  

Earthsafe designs and builds Specialty Fluid Systems for the Environment and Infrastructure. Systems expertise includes: Tank Farm Integration, Dispensing for Railroad and Aircraft, Fuel for Automotive Test and Development.