• appGENrun IoT System for Critical Service

Earthsafe appGENrun is an IoT Assurance of Generator Start and Run

appGENrun System is our new IoT  based software with rich graphic features, alarming, and analysis.  The software integrates day tanks, fuel polishers, duplex pump, and storage tanks to enable servicing of complex fuel systems supporting emergency power.

appGENrun Service is our new service app for genset reliability.  appGENrun is an IoT solution that addresses the common reasons why 25% of generators fail to start when needed: fuel quality, filters, and batteries.

appGENrun View is our new graphic software for User Interface on Master Control Panels or node unit controllers.  The color touch screen interface provides intuitive operator information and easy navigation for drilldown when troubleshooting. 


app GEN run System

app GEN run System is a Monitoring, Analytical, and Visualization Product for managing generator fuel systems in critical power applications.  The software addresses the user needs for assurance that the fuel system will Work without Fail when Needed. 


app GEN run Service

app GEN run is an IoT system for managing the basic servicing needs of gensets to assure reliability.  Leave the periodic machine repair needs to your genset dealer. Let appGENrun efficiently and effectively manage your gensets for the basic start and run reliability: fuel, filter, and battery.


app GEN run View

app GEN run View is a Graphic User Interface for Master and Node PLC controllers.  The software is adaptable for screens from 4 to 24 IN.  


app GEN run Tanks

app GEN run Tanks in an IOT system for integrating and monitoring standard tank gauges including Pneumercator, Franlin Incon, OPW, and Veeder Root.