• GenApp for Reliable Genset Start and Run

GenApp Mobile is our mobile app for simple manual entry of genset inspections and service records.  The data then transmitted via cell or wi-fi to our cloud database for monitoring and analysis. 

GenApp Monitor is a low cost monitor of the 3 common causes of genset start failure Low Fuel. Low Battery, and Clogged Filters.  The Node connects to GenApp on the user mobile phone via Bluetooth, then transmits data to the cloud dtatbase via cell or wi-fi.

GenApp Plus, Sense, and Flow extend the power of the Node to operate fuel polishers, fill stations, and auto-refill systems. 


GenApp Mobile

GenApp Mobile is the Free App for Generator Service Management.  In its simple form, the user enters inspections and service records which are automatically uploaded to the GenApp Cloud for management and analysis.

GenApp also connects via Bluetooth to GenApp Node, the onboard monitor for fuel levels, battery tests, gen run tests, filter status - protecting against the 3 most common causes of genset failure.


GenApp Node1 Genset Ready-Start Monitor

GenApp Node1 for Generator Reliability

Node1 is a low cost, compact monitoring device for Emergency Generators.  25% of generators fail to start when needed.  GenApp Node1 records key reliability metrics of the 3 leading causes of generator failure: fuel, battery and filter.


GenApp Node Plus Control Panels

GenApp Node Plus

Node-1 is a low cost, compact monitoring device for Emergency Generators.  Node Plus is a set of modules for extending the Node 1 capabilities to control pumps and valves, or annunciate alarms. 


GenApp Node Sense Fuel, Filter, Battery Sensors

GenApp Node Sense

Node Sense is a set of products for monitoring and measuring critical generator start conditions.  These are fuel levels, filter differential pressure, and battery voltage drop on start. 


GenApp Node Flow Genset Fuel Fill, Pump, and Filter Polishing

GenApp Node Flow

Node Flow is a set of products for controlling and monitoring fuel flow for generator sub-base tanks. tank direct fill, tank remote fill, and filter polishing.  


GenApp Data Dashboard for Genset Monitoring

GenApp Delivers What you Need to Know

GenApp Monitors for the most common causes of generator non-start fuel tank level, battery status, and fuel filter dirty.  Over 200 points are monitored and filtered to give you the information you need.

Here is the common dashboard presented with sample values for a typical use.